Reversed Kiai

Reversed Kiai is used to weaken or open point or channel prior to attacking it with grappling or striking techniques. The sound has to be whispered just like in Inner Kiai. The difference here is that the sound has to be inhaled.

The choice of the sounds that are used to setup point or channel based on the theory of interdependence and classification of elements. For example, to weaken Metal energy one can inhale vowel I (Metal). Other option will be the use of the consonants that are related to the Metal energy, like T, S and N. When sound inhaled, it drains energy from the aggressor’s body and energy field, providing opportunity to attack point or channel subjected to the Reversed Kiai more effectively with less force and efforts.

There are three ways of stealing/draining energy: from point, from channel and from organ. The shorter sounds are used for the point applications, while longer sounds are used for the channels applications. For example sound T inhaled to drained point on Metal channel and S to drain the whole Metal channel, like Lungs or Large Intestines channels. Organ draining is not to be advised for training, as it can be too harmful for the training partner.

While applying Reversed Kiai it is important to visualize the light of elemental color. In case of the Metal energy the color is white. After training session it is important to restore the color by projecting it back into affected area while exhaling the sound that was inhaled during Reversed Kiai. In case of the Metal we exhale sound SSS… while touching the point or holding palm near it and visualize the white light entering into point and channel. If necessary this has to be done also over the Lungs area – below clavicles.

When one practices Kiai Jin Jitsu there is a way of unblocking energy by shouting elemental sounds and closing corresponding joints. This way 8 Oceans of energy release the blocked energy. For Reversed Kiai the movement is opposite to the unblocking as energy has to be gathered instead of released.

Reversed Kiai can also be used as an Iron Short self-defense along with reversed breathing method: pulling abdomen in while inhaling to increase internal pressure.

From Inner Kiai point of view we inhale the Target sound before applying the inner Kiai. For example, to strike Large Intestines 18 you can first inhale sound I or S etc., to drain and weaken that channel. Then you can follow up with whispering Fire – Weapon sound “KISSS…” if direction of the strike is inward. In this case the effect of the pressure points attacks can increase significantly when same or less force is applied.

Another way of applying Reversed Kiai component is to take energy from one place and put into another. For example, after inhaling Metal sound from Metal channel or point on the Metal Channel inner Kiai is directed to attack Wood Channel or point on Wood Channel.

All Reversed Kiai methods should be learned only under the supervision of the qualified and authorized instructor.


Solid Organ  Liver  Heart  Spleen  Lungs  Kidneys
Hollow Organ GallBladder SmallIntestines Stomach LargeIntestines Urinary Bladder
Color Green Red Yellow White Blue
Vowel E A EU/O I U
Point Drain  CH  K  RT  T  P
Channel Drain  SH  H  RJ  S  F
OrganRestoration  Y  NG  L  N  M
Joint Armpit Elbow Pelvic Crease Crook of Elbow Back of Knee