Emotional Kiai

Emotional Kiai is used to setup point or channel prior to attacking it with grappling or striking techniques. The sound has to be audible just like in Outer Kiai.

The choice of the sounds that are used to setup point or channel based on the theory of interdependence and classification of elements. For example, to setup Metal energy one can vocalize vowel I (Metal).

Other option will be the use of the consonants that are related to the Metal energy, like T, S, D, Z or N. When sound pronounced externally, it vibration charges and activates corresponding element.

From Inner Kiai point of view we sound outwardly the Target sound before applying the inner Kiai. For example, to strike Large Intestines 18 you can first pronounce sound I or SA etc., to activate that channel. Then you can follow up with whispering Fire – Weapon sound “KISSS…” if direction of the strike is inward. In this case the effect of the strike increases significantly and even can be multiplied.

If you add the feeling of sadness into the sound both internally (feeling sadness) and externally (by imitating sad voice) you can also notice increase of the effect of the pressure point attack. This is because the sadness is an emotion that affects Metal energy in a negative way.

Another way of applying emotional component is to ad the same approach when executing techniques that are based on the inward direction, like inward block, hook punch or round house kick to mention a few.

Facial expressions are also depending on our emotional state as well as influence our energy. Having sad expression amplifies the effect of the sad voice and Metak sound when applied along with Emotional Kiai and/or Outer Kiai.

One can train all different emotions but it is important to choose one to focus and master, based on the principles explained in the Secret Kiai. Our art is expression of our self. Knowing oneself and understanding interdependence and properties of elements, energies and sound can amplify the effect of any art that martial artist studies or practices.

The following table includes examples of the Emotional Kiai.

Solid Organ  Liver   Heart  Spleen  Lungs  Kidneys
Hollow Organ GallBladder SmallIntestines Stomach LargeIntestines Urinary Bladder
 Emotion Anger Frustration Joy Anxiety Worry Pensiveness Sadness Grief Fear Panic
Voice Scream Laugh Sing Wine Groan
Sound Rising High Waving Lowering Low
 Vowel   E  A  EU/O  I  U
 Point Setup CH J K G RT RR T D P B
 Channel Setup SH JH H GH RJ R S Z F V
 Direction  Outward  Upward  ForwardBackward  Inward  Downward


Emotional Kiai