Channeling Kiai

Channeling Kiai is used to project energy for pressure points attack or to nullify effect of the pressure points. In order to be able to apply Channeling Kiai it is necessary to learn and practice Channeling exercises of Kiai Jin Jitsu. Once understanding and practice is sufficient it is easy to notice the increase of the energy output when Channeling Kiai is used for offensive moves or to protect own pressure points.

Punching or striking with open hand that involves spiraling movement as hand or fist turns to the palm side facing up position (clockwise for the right side) will increase flow of the Fire energy, as it opens Heart and Small Intestines channels/meridians and moves it energy along the channel.

If spiraling movement is opposite to the one described for the Fire energy, (counterclockwise for the right arm and turning palm side down) then Metal energy is channeled and Lungs and Large Intestines channels/meridians are activated.

When we using side kick it opens and moves Water energy, because it activates Bladder – Kidney channels/meridians.

When we using front heel kick with foot turned outward (clockwise for the right side) – Wood energy is Channeled.

When we kick with pointed toes – Earth energy is channeled as this activates Stomach and Spleen channels/meridians.