5 Guidelines of Kiaido


Empty your mind.

This is the most important, most essential, most fundamental point. This means that we cultivate inner piece, calm and stability of the undisturbed mind. No trips. Nothing can move it. Nothing can imbalance it. This is also ability to empty thoughts (stop thinking), dissolve them.


Always be present and aware of ourselves, of others, of environment and circumstances.

Cultivate presence in the NOW. Be clear of the inner purpose of everything you do. Be aware of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, including limitations. Align your thoughts, actions, and feelings with your Inner Being. Do what you think, feel what you do and live what you feel.


Diligence, patience, perseverance, will.

On the path of self-development, we have to be able to withstand difficulties, endure pain and stress and never give up the progress and growth. Develop and maintain physical, emotional and, mental strength.


Acquire useful skills without any limits.   Master everything you do.

Learn how to be efficient, relaxed, aligned, centered, coordinated.. Never stop learning. Never stay in the clouds. Never remain in doubts.


Respect all beings.

This is the way of relating to the world. Respect all living beings, including human beings, animals, plants and all natural objects. Respect all other ways, views and dimensions. Do not consider own self to be superior to those who lack specific knowledge or practice different methods. Every body has there own causes and reasons. We can’t correct them, yet we can always do what is correct for us. Without judging, comparing and, in particular, offending other points of views or methods, we calmly focused on perfecting our own ways. Silence is the best way of judging, yet the best is to be beyond judgment. Respect everything the way it is and as it is.